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Apex Clinic, a non-profit organization, was created to provide affordable quality medical care and has been serving the community in Texas since 2005. In addition to taking care of common ailments and injuries, the board certified physician and staff at the Apex Clinic offer many medical and dental care services. Medical care for your family as well as urgent medicine for non life threatening emergencies and injuries.
Serving people who..

  • Need non life threatening urgent care


  • Need regular check-ups on diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol level, etc  


  • Have no medical insurance or insurance with high deductible or co-pay


  • Want affordable doctor visit, lab work, and other medical services


  • Prefer doctors, nurses, and staff that speak your language (urdu, hindi, gujrati)


  • Need dental services such as cleaning, root canal extractions, dentures, etc.



The Apex Clinic of Texas has merged with The Texas International Institute of Health Professions (dba) VCare Clinics, a not for profit community based health care organization.  Effective immediately all clinical services will be rendered though VCare Clinics. Please kindly check the website address below for the continuity of care or any additional primary or preventive health care needs which are now rendered through VCare Clinics.  

We want to welcome you to VCare Clinics (

Please note, The Apex Clinic of Texas will still serve the Dallas community by providing community based related healthcare initiatives through patient education for preventive aspects. 

Apex Clinic of Texas  .  1445 Mac Arthur Drive . Suite 122 . Carrollton Texas 75007 . 972-245-1200